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Pruning at LXV Armaa.N Paso Robles Vineyard

Pruning Armaa.N Vineyard after first crop

In the world of winemaking, vineyard management plays a crucial role in the production of high-quality grapes. Pruning is an essential practice that not only shapes the vine but also influences the quantity and quality of the fruit it bears.

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Cabernet Franc Day Paso Robles

Cabernet Franc Day 2022 in Paso Robles CA

Bordeaux styled varietal and blended wines are achieving amazing quality, as well as quality-to-price ratio (thanks, Napa!). Brands such as DAOU, Justin, LXV, Booker, Austin Hope, Cass, Chateau Margene, Niner, Opolo are setting the bar high for Paso Bordeaux wines and blends.

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