Named as one of the top five things to do when you visit Paso Robles, LXV Wine is a unique Wine Tasting and Flavor Pairing experience, with premium wines focusing on Willow Creek Appellation and other coveted vineyards in California.

LXV Wine is a journey of two unlikely vintners, Kunal and Neeta Mittal, an ingenious winemaker, Jeff Strekas, and a few thousand oenophiles.

The wines are old-world in style with great emphasis on structure. The flavor pairings are a deep dive into the role of the terroir as well as a sensory interplay of dynamic flavors.

The newly planted Armaa.N (a dream) vineyard in the heart of Willow Creek boasts of regenerative farming practices and unparalleled clones of To Kolan for Cabernet Sauvignon, Loire Valley for Cabernet Franc, Brunello for Sangiovese, and the best Paso Robles Syrah clone of 470.

LXV Spice Pairings


Deconstruct wine with the help of exotic seasoning from around the world.

Each LXV Wine is paired with a blend of flavors , curated in-house, that mirrors, complements, and, sometimes contrasts flavors in the wine, thereby heightening the wine tasting.

Named Top 10 Wine Tasting Experiences in America by USA Today, and rated as one of the best wineries in Paso Robles on Yelp, Google, and Trip advisor, our Wine Tastings and Spice Pairings are a deep dive into varied sub-appellations, the influence of weather, selection of clones, and the old-world philosophy of winemaking.

The LXV Tasting Palette (Box) captures this award-winning Wine Tasting experience in a box for a Virtual Wine Tastings.

Ron Denner

“I first met Kunal and Neeta several years ago and they had a dream and goal of making great small lot releases of their own wines. Well their dream is being realized and I love their wines but even more importantly I love them as friends. Try their wines and you will not be disappointed.

- Ron Denner, Denner Vineyards
Neeta's Mom

"Neeta is very much like her father - there is the engineering acumen of always wanting to create, analyze and understand things followed by the innate urge to include and connect with everyone around. The flavors from the spices are that connection back to India. To be able to help source these herbs and to be a part of her incredible journey has been a pure joy for me. And I am so glad that she has finally found her new home in Armaa.N "

- Meena Pillai, My Mom and a Biotechnologist
Michelin Star Chef

"We await the precious words from our beloved friend"

- Srijith Gopinath, Two Michelin Star Chef
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Inspired by exotic flavors from around the world, Neeta likes to share conversations on wine and food pairings that are a vibrant interaction of flavors, playing with matching, complementing, & contrasting notes


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