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LXV Spring 2024 Club Shipment


Thank you for joining us for the LXV 2024 Spring Club Releases. In this special edition, we’re thrilled to present wines exclusively for our Club members, complete with unique pairings, chef-developed recipes, and opportunities for shared tastings, both in-person and online.


This release includes a booklet offering deep dives into our Club’s exclusive wines, tips for using LXV spices hiding in your drawers, and more. 


Featured in this Shipment:

  • Reserve Sangiovese (Brunello clone): Sourced from the cooler regions of Santa Ynez, this exclusive offering is limited to one bottle only.
  • Sauvignon Blanc-Semillon – a hedonistic white that will make a red wine step into its the shadows
  • Jewel and Spell – Our signature blends showcase the diversity of our vineyards and the consistency of our winemaking.
  • L’essence del Ragu – A savory blend of gram flour, mushrooms, and herbs that mimics the rich flavors of ragu… literally. 
  • Encanto Ryori – a fusion blend that marries Cocoa, miso, and coconut for an East-meets-West culinary adventure.

Your Spring LXV Wine Club allocation will vary based on your club type – you will receive an email with your allocation.


2023 SAUVIGNON BLANC / SEMILLON (Happy Canyon, Santa Barbara)

2022 JEWEL (Sangiovese, Petit Verdot)

2022 SPELL (Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah)

2022 RESERVE SANGIOVESE (Santa Ynez Vineyard)

Important Dates


Thurs, Mar 21st | All club orders will be processed and your card will be charged. You may pick up your wines starting on this date at the Tasting Room. Any changes made after your CC has been charged will incur a $50 handling fee.

No cancellations are allowed after this date for this shipment. Any changes to shipping address or date will result in fees that are charged to us by our 3rd party fulfillment company and the shipping carrier. 

Mon, Apr 1st | We will begin shipping this week (weather permitting). Once your order has been charged (on 3/21), we are unable to change the status of your order to pick up or change the address.

LXV Armaan Vineyard Barn


Seated event. Please book early.

Sat, March 30th (Kama & Mittal Club Members)
To Book: https://shorturl.at/brEY3

Sun, March 31st (Maya & Industry Club Members)
To Book: https://shorturl.at/uS158

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