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Step into the LXV Wine Club, nestled in the heart of Paso Robles’ Willow Creek District, and immerse yourself in a wine experience that transcends the ordinary. Here, each bottle comes not just with wine but with a story, a blend of cultures and traditions crafted meticulously by Neeta and Kunal Mittal.


Exclusive Wines and Flavor Pairings –  A Connoisseur’s Delight

Imagine uncorking exclusivity with every bottle. LXV Wine Club offers its members rare, limited-production wines sourced from the cool climes of Santa Ynez. Each vintage is a secret waiting to be told, accompanied by custom spice blends that accentuate its narrative. These are not just pairings; they are passages to the soul of the vineyard, selected to elevate the wine’s natural bouquet and awaken the palate. As we at LXV explore the vast world of wine, it’s important to remember that every bottle holds the essence of the land, the labor of love, and the stories of generations past.

Interactive and Educational Experiences

The club extends an invitation to explore the art of wine through vibrant tasting events that are both an education and a celebration. As you swirl, sniff, and sip, LXV’s wine educators guide you through the nuances of terroir and the craftsmanship behind each bottle. Accompanying each wine shipment, you’ll find a booklet brimming with recipes and tips to experiment with LXV’s exotic spices at home. Wine tasting at LXV is not just about the flavors on your palate. It’s about the memories it evokes, the conversations it sparks, and the deeper connections it creates.

Cultivating Connections

LXV Wine Club is more than a membership; it’s a community. It’s gatherings under the stars, laughter around barrels, shared plates, and shared moments. It’s where wine lovers become friends. Exclusive club events offer a canvas to paint your evenings in the hues of Paso Robles, blending wine, food, and friendship into unforgettable experiences. In the LXV community, we come together to appreciate the complexities of the grape and celebrate the diversity of tastes, cultures, and experiences.

Sustainability and Heritage

With a steadfast commitment to the earth, LXV’s wines are a testament to sustainable viticulture. Organic practices in the vineyard ensure that each grape is a pure expression of its environment, crafted with respect for nature and future generations. Ultimately, LXV Wine is a result of serendipitous moments at the right time with the right people through our years together. Our path has been defined, crafted, and made excellent by the community to which we belong.

Join the LXV Wine Club, where every sip tells a story, and every member is part of a continuing tale of wine, spice, and life beautifully intertwined. We hope you share the LXV Wine community with us. When we invite you to be part of the deeper connection that is our community, you are part of our journey, too, and everything it includes. In essence, our life together is a testament to the vibrant tapestry of connections that enrich and sustain us all. We raise our glasses to toast the wine, but also to celebrate the shared passion, knowledge, and camaraderie that unite us all.


We are working on the new spices and wines for the Fall shipment. More details soon. Here are some key dates.

Sept 1st: Club Emails go out
Sept 18th: Last day to make any changes
Sept 19th: Orders charged (No more changes allowed)
Oct 2nd: Orders start shipping (weather permitting)

Save the Date:
Sat, Sept 28th: Kama & Mittal Club Party
Sun, Sept 29th: Maya & Industry Club Party

In preparation for your club shipment, please review our Shipping & Returns policy.



An Introductory Wine Club

4 Bottles twice a year

Spring | Fall

15% discount
Two Free Wine Tastings at the Tasting Room every quarter
New Releases and Reserve Wines


A Wine Club for LXV fans

8 Bottles twice a year

Spring | Fall

25% discount
Four Free Wine Tastings at the Tasting Room every quarter
New Releases and Reserve Wines
Library Wines


Exclusively for Local Winemakers and Winery Staff

4 Bottles twice a year

Spring | Fall

30% discount
Two Free Wine Tastings at the Tasting Room every quarter
New Releases and Reserve Wines


… it is the only wine club with wines, flavors, and recipes


  • Only two shipments (Spring, Fall)
  • Club discounts (15% Maya, 25% Kama)
  • Completely customizable wine selection
  • New releases, Reserve Wines and Library Wines

FLAVORS + Recipes (2 per shipment)

  • House curated flavor blends paired with the new releases

  • Very simple recipes with a LXV twist


  • Highly personalized, deep dive into clones, soils, winemaking, vintages, & terroir
  • Barrel Tastings, Library Tastings & Winemaker Dinners

PICNIC at the vineyard

  • Bring your picnic to the vineyard and enjoy the rolling hillsides, the new vines, and the birds

10% additional discount

  • On any wines purchased in addition to your club shipment
  • Offer available the day you join the club

Other Benefits

  • Special club-only shipping rates
  • A special offer for Birthdays and Anniversaries
  • A robust referral program


A $100 cancelation fee applies if you cancel before receiving at least 3 shipments (2 more shipments after the initial one on joining the club). Shipments cannot be changed or canceled within 10 days of each shipment. Complimentary tastings are per quarter. Tastings are not transferrable (member must be present).

Please review our Shipping & Returns policy.