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LXV Wine is a journey of two unlikely vintners, an ingenious winemaker, and a few thousand oenophiles

    The LXV Wine STORY

LXV Wine is our connection to India. Paso Robles reminds us of India. Roblans have a deep relationship with the earth.. With each other. There is an intimacy in the ecosystem in Paso. And that expresses itself in the grapes, in the winemaking and, ultimately, in the wines.
LXV Wine Founder Neeta and team

Rooted in Indian Tradition

It all started in a small town south of Mumbai ...

… where my mother lives and regularly visits the local spice market to purchase the fragrant herbs and spices that go into our handmade Tandoori Masala.
LXV is a space where we bring the flavors from around the world to our tasting table – through wines and through pairings. We have opened up the restrained jargon of pH and acidity of wine, to a more inclusive and experiential conversation of flavors and senses.


Being one of the first Indian women to own a winery in the US, that was named in the Top- 10 tasting experiences in America by USA Today, comes with a lot of responsibility! I have to answer more questions on Culture than Vintages, on Food than Wine, on Inspirations than Medals.


The ultimate goal is to create a movement that inspires and heightens moments, and that transcends the personal, business and community.

– Neeta Mittal


Paso was love at first sight

Fog at Oceano’s county airport led to an unexpected landing in nearby Paso Robles. Neeta and I took the detour in stride, as we always do with our travels, and decided to visit some of the region’s local wineries.

The experience felt warm and inviting and we both felt an immediate connection to Paso’s wine, people, and its culture. There was something about it that reminded both of us of India…

Ten years later, we are part of this magnificent culture that we now get to share with you… just like our first time.

– Kunal Mittal
paso robles Wine making team LVX
paso robles Wine making team LVX

Consulting LXV Wine maker - Jeff Strekas

Jeff’s pedigree from Napa and Bordeaux style of wine making is a perfect fit for Neeta and Kunal. Jeff is willing to experiment with new varietals and adapt his wine making style to the muses of Neeta with her Sangiovese, Nebbiolo and Semillon favorites. He then has to adapt to Kunal and his love for Cabernet Franc! 


And, in the 2021 vintage, he made a White Sangiovese for Neeta and a Cabernet Franc Rose for Kunal!


And in the 2022 and 2023 vintages, LXV wine will introduce sparkling!! Blanc De Sangiovese and Blanc De Franc!!

Ron Denner

“I first met Kunal and Neeta several years ago and they had a dream and goal of making great small lot releases of their own wines. Well their dream is being realized and I love their wines but even more importantly I love them as friends. Try their wines and you will not be disappointed.

Neeta's Mom

"Neeta is very much like her father - there is the engineering acumen of always wanting to create, analyze and understand things followed by the innate urge to include and connect with everyone around. The flavors from the spices are that connection back to India. To be able to help source these herbs and to be a part of her incredible journey has been a pure joy for me. And I am so glad that she has finally found her new home in Armaa.N "

Michelin Star Chef

"We await the precious words from our beloved friend"

Ten years later, we are part of this magnificent culture that we now get to share with you… just like our first time.