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LXV 2020 Jewel – Bringing Uncommon Flavors to Your Palate

2020 LXV The Jewel
Sangiovese – Petit Verdot

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LXV’s Ode to a Super Tuscan Style Paired with a Zesty & Bright Spice Blend

We are pairing our new Sirocco Spice Blend with LXV’s 2020 the Jewel – Sangiovese & Petit Verdot Blend. At LXV, each wine is paired with exotic flavors from all over the world in an attempt to not only deconstruct the wine, but also to expose the full potential of the wine.


Sirocco Spice Blend: Bringing Uncommon Flavors to Your Palate

The tart elements of this spice have a vivid spectrum supported by earthy, nutty, “cheesy” flavors, and punctuated by the white pepper. Makes for a zesty seasoning to finish meats, tveggies, and that quintessential movie night popcorn.

Sumac, Mango Powder, Nutritional Yeast, White Pepper, and Other Spices

Pairing Sirocco Spice Blend with LXV’s 2020 the Jewel


The Dried Mango in our Sirocco Spice Blend matches with the wine’s beautiful and bright acidity. The White pepper in the spice matches the subtle hints of white pepper we get from the Sangiovese in the Jewel. Any fruit we get from White Hawk Vineyard, whether its our Sangio or Syrah, typically has subtle notes of White Pepper. We wanted to play with these notes and match it in our spice blend.


We added Nutritional Yeast to complement the acidity in the wine. The Nutritional Yeast (used as a cheese substitute for cooking) highlights the fact that acid cuts through fat and really shows off the brightness of the wine.


Sumac with tart floral and slightly acidic notes, plays a wider role of matching contrasting and complementing

*Although some of the Sumac notes do contrast with notes of the wine, its complexity also plays a wider role. It has slight acidic notes that match the acidity of the wine.

Deconstructing our 2020 the Jewel & Sirocco Spice w/ Neeta Mittal

LXV Owner, Neeta Mittal, breaks down the Sirocco Spice and how we use it to deconstruct our 2020 the Jewel.

Food Pairing with 2020 the Jewel

LXV team member, Hunter Logan, has created yet another perfect food and wine pairing. Check out LXV’s Savory Lamb Torte Recipe. This recipe uses our LXV Spice Blend: Sirocco.

If you try it out yourself, we would LOVE to see any pictures of your creations. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to send or tag us in your photos.

LXV Lamb Torte Pairing with Jewel


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