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LXV 2020 Jewel – A compelling culinary wine

2020 LXV The Jewel
Sangiovese – Petit Verdot

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A blend of Sangiovese & Petit Verdot

The wine’s bright acidity, along with the depth and savoriness, allows it to pair across an expanse of flavors and depths on your dining table.
2020 LXV Jewel Wine


Some wines match with food. Some wines sing with food. 

The LXV 2020 the Jewel is a blend of 85% Sangiovese and 15% Petit Verdot. The central coast Sangiovese brings mouthwatering juiciness to the wine, while the Templeton Gap Petit Verdot adds a subtle, yet complex, layer of texture and savoriness.



A Beautiful Display of Fruit from the Central Coast

The Sangiovese in our 2020 the Jewel comes from the sandy soils of White Hawk Vineyard down in Los Alamos – halfway between Paso and Santa Barbara. The site is located closer to the coast, resulting in cool climate fruit, a little bit more delicate than our bigger Paso Robles red wines. These sandy hills where the vines lie produce an amazing Sangiovese with bright red fruit and hints of White Pepper – a classic flavor from White Hawk Vineyard! Check out our 2019 Reserve Syrah for more of what is coming from this spectacular site.

On the other hand, our Petit Verdot comes from ONX Estate Vineyard on the west side of Paso Robles. ONX Estate Vineyard experiences warmer days with cooler nights due to our famous Paso Robles Templeton Gap Effect – wind tunnel that shoots through the hills that separate west paso from the coast and cools the whole area down starting in the afternoon. The soils consist of rocky alluviums (large rocks made mostly of calcareous soils) and sandy, gravelly loams which create great drainage and stress the vines – giving us fruit with intense flavors and aromas.

Onx Estate Vineyard Paso Robles

LXV Winemaker, Jeff Strekas, is here with tasting notes and his own perspective on what makes our 2020 the Jewel so special.

Play Video about Jeff Strekas- 2020 Jewel

Tasting our 2020 Jewel

Sangiovese & Petit Verdot: A Complementary Duo

The Sangiovese from White Hawk Vineyard is a more delicate expression of this grape. It is very fruit forward, adding bright notes of red fruit such as cherries and strawberries. The Petit Verdot from ONX adds dark fruit notes that complement the bright red of the Sangiovese. The Petit is big and chewy – it adds gravitas to the bright red fruit notes of the Sangiovese. Even though there is only 15% of Petit Verdot in our 2020 the Jewel, it really acts as the backbone of this wine and gives it so much structure and focus. 

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