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A verstile food pairing wine – LXV Cabernet Franc Rose

2021 LXV Cabernet Franc Rose
Westside Vineyard

At LXV, each wine is paired with exotic flavors from all over the world in an attempt to not only deconstruct the wine, but also to expose the full potential of the wine.

A lot is said about matching flavors, complementing textures, contrasting notes in food and wine pairing. 

The one dimension of the wine that supersedes all while considering for pairing: Energy/Intensity. It is very important for the wine and food to have the same tempo so that they last together in the dance.

Spice Pairing with LXV Rose of Cabernet Franc

LXV Spice Pairing: Mi Corazon
Vanilla Sugar, Jalapeno, and Saffron

Here is LXV’s Neeta Mittal breaking down the three ingredients of our newest unique spice blend – and why they were specifically chosen to deconstruct our 2021 Cabernet Franc Rose Wine.

Complementing: We use Vanilla Sugar to compliment the fruit in the wine, as well as the texture. The Vanilla Sugar plays with the subtle oak notes in the wine.

Contrasting: The Jalapeno in this spice blend dances and contrasts with the vibrant fruit characteristics of the Cabernet Franc Rose Wine.

Matching: Saffron plays with the umami of the wine and increases the length of our Rose wine.

Food Pairing with LXV Rose of Cabernet Franc

Because of the robust vibrancy and texture of the LXV Rose of Cabernet Franc, the wine pairs enthusiastically with appetizers, light and heavy, and mild-mannered entrees.

Favorite pairings that we have tried:

  • Vegan pairings: Zucchini fries, spicy cauliflower bites, spicy chickpeas, veggie burgers, vegan lasagna
  • Appetizers: fig & goat cheese tarts , smoked salmon, roasted tomato dip
  • Entrees: Garlic shrimp pasta

We have a fabulous, yet easy, recipe from one of our teammates, Hunter Logan



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