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The best sumer rose wine is LXV’s rose Wine of Cabernet Franc

2019 LXV Cabernet Franc Rose
Westside Vineyard

Kunal talks about the 2021 Rose


If Kunal had his way, LXV wouldn’t just be a Bordeaux house, it would be a Cabernet Franc la maison.

Kunal, and Cabernet Franc, make a compelling case for the purity of fruit in Cab Franc, laced with the savory herbaceousness. 

A couple of years ago, Kunal and Neeta visited Ashes and Diamonds in Napa. Their wines, particularly the Cabernet Franc Rose, floored them. The wines are crafted by Steve Matthiasson. We are excited to share our rose wine for this summer, 2021 Rose of  Cabernet Franc.

In the words of the winemaker, Jeff Strekas…

… but really more of a continued bromance between Kunal and Jeff 🙂

Picked specifically to make the Rose wine (hence “intentional”), the Cabernet Franc grapes were pressed right off the skins (henct direct-press), as a white wine would be vinified. The juice was then fermented in oak barrels aged in four barrels, two of which were new. 

Fermenting and Aging in oak mitigates the high level of pyrazines (green notes – think bell pepper), especially in Cabernet Franc grapes that are pulled off the vines earlier for their vibrancy.

To enhance the body, mouthfeel, and structure, the wine was stirred on the lees, creating a steak-worthy rose wine suitable even for red wine enthusiasts. This rose has every intention of making your summer memorable. 

So, what does this hedonistic Rose taste like?

Madonna’s Vogue at LXV

“A Vienesse waltz set to Madonna’s Vogue, this wine is all elegance in its making and all attitude in its presentation. The glass has a domino of luminous pinks.  Super energetic on the nose with notes of strawberries, oranges, and a hint of red cherry. The palate follows through with animated acidity, rounded mouthfeel, and strawberries and watermelons served in spun clouds of vanilla and other baking spices. The addicting finish is not to be described, but to be experienced…”

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