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LXV Wine, founded by Neeta and Kunal Mittal, is a distinguished premium winery renowned for its sustainable vineyards and dedication to crafting exceptional small-lot wines. Recognized as one of the top 10 wineries in the US by USA Today, LXV Wine sets itself apart by expertly pairing each wine release with enticing flavors from across the globe.

Led by esteemed winemakers Fredrick Ammons ( known for his work at Harlan, Rudd, and Opus One), and Jeffrey Strekas (RoundPond), LXV Wine focuses on the best vineyard sites in the Central Coast, specifically for Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Sangiovese, and Syrah. 

Over the past decade, LXV wines have achieved a remarkable fusion with various flavors, resulting in a food-friendly style characterized by an enchanting aroma, enduring acidity, luxurious texture, and a satisfying finish.

The wines offered to restaurants are identical to the exclusive wines available to our esteemed members and guests.

Neeta & Kunal


“LXV is our connection to India. The wines have allowed us to dive deep into the world of flavors. We have created flavor pairings that are surreal. If you have not paired Sauvignon Blanc with Khmeli Suneli from Georgia, you are missing out!”

For Neeta and Kunal, their relationship and wine happened simultaneously, with their very first dates taking them out to Napa and other wine regions of the world. They embraced the culture of these regions through culinary experiences.

An accidental landing in Paso Robles and a chance meeting with winemaker Ron Denner began the saga that is now LXV. With the wine and spice pairings, Neeta and Kunal continually thrive on bringing their world travel inspirations to the tasting table.

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We look forward to placing our wines with you. Please connect with us via email above, or call us at 805-296-1902.


Witness the vibrant fabric of what makes LXV the top ten wine tasting experiences in America


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