LXV 2019 The Jewel – Sangiovese / Petit Verdot Blend – An ode to Biondi Santi!

LXV 2019 The Jewel


We It was in the sacrosanct courtyard of Enoteca la Fortezza in Mantalcino that I tasted, in complete silence, the very last vintage of Biondi Santi by the man himself- 2010 Biondi Santi Brunello di Montalcino Riserva. Every sip was revered and reinforced my resolution to make a wine that remains a tribute to the maestro.

Today, we are celebrating our new release:

2019 “the Jewel” (74% Sangiovese, 26% Petit Verdot)

Lighter, yet luscious, with bright acidity, this is the red wine for warmer days and balmy evenings.

Sangiovese’s rustic tendencies are polished by the unabashed lushness of the Petite Verdot to create a multi-faceted wine that shines first in the glass, then in the complex clarity of the nose, and finally shows depth and elegance on the palate.


In winemaker Jeff Strekas’ words, “… the nose on the wine shouts ollaliberries and blackberries with underlying notes of cassia, nutmeg, and cloves.  As the first sip hits your palette, notes of ripe red cherries hit, followed by a stream of Madagascar Vanilla Bean. The experience ends with the hefty structure and focus that is driven by the Petit Verdot.”