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Dear LXV Club member,

We had a great time meeting so many of you at the various pick up parties. Thanks for coming out to show your support for LXV. We also celebrated the registration of our 200th Club member. Yay!!!

India Trip:

Agra Taj Mahal

Neeta will be personally escorting a group of 15 people on a culinary tour of North India, taking in stunning sights like the timeless Taj Mahal, the grand tigers of Ranthambore and the palaces of Rajasthan. Our visit is a culinary exploration of India as we know it, beyond Tandoori & Tikka!

For those who indicated interest, we included the India itinerary in the club shipments. You can also download the detailed itinerary.
We start taking reservations on August 1st.


The Party Wrap-Up

LXV Pick-Up Party

We had the honor of hosting the OC party at the residence of the Mayor of Chino Hills. We also had esteemed company of artists Dakota Weiss (Bravo Top Chef) and Edward Walton Wilcox (Visual Artist) at the barn. Chef Nanette Smalley created stunning pairings (scallop ceviche, braised ox tails, French Poussin salad). The recipe for the Ceviche, marinated in the Chenin Blanc, was included in the shipment, along with notes from winemaker, Amy Butler.
Link to more pictures:

If you have any suggestions how we could do things differently, or better, please let us know. We want to make sure you always have a memorable experience.

SAVE THE DATE: LXV will be celebrating the Indian Festival of Diwali on Saturday, Nov 2nd at 5PM at the Willow Creek Ranch

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