2015 Heart Note (Rosé)

100% Sangiovese (Brunello)

2015 Heart Note (Rosé)

This Rosé is Direct Press – a Provence tradition where the grapes are picked exclusively to make the Rosé, resulting in a Rosé that is bright, juicy and full of bracing acidity!

Notes of Rosé water, violets, pomelo, orange rind, persimmon, white peach

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Heart Note is inspired by Gandhayukti (Art of Perfumery), the 18th Art of KamaSutra. The label features artisan candle maker, Mary Ramos, as she crafts her perfumes.

Winemaker's Notes

The aromas of Rosé water and cherry blossoms draw you in like the first chords strummed by a flamenco guitarist. As the melody builds, layers of rich scents like pomelo, persimmon, and white peach begin to rise from your glass. On your palate, a mouthwatering, but balanced acidity courses over your tongue. This Rosé definitely has a rigid, refined structure, but still retains the agility and nimbleness of the flamenco dancers as they perform. As the wine begins its finish and the song reaches its crescendo, the trailing notes of Valencia orange and mango lassi swirl around your palate like spinning, whirling ruffles of the dancers’ dresses. Finally, the guitarist strikes his last deft-handed note… will you demand an encore?

Nose: Rosé water, violets, pomelo, orange rind, persimmon, white peach

Palate: mouthwatering acidity, cherry blossom, acid courses over the tongue but never presses too hard. Good weight/heft but still agile and nimble on the palate

Finish: trailing Valencia orange/mango lassi

Flamenco in a bottle?

Spice Pairing

Lavender, Marjoram, Savory, Himalayan Sea Salt

When you need a wine with a breadth of flavors to complement dishes of varied ingredients and seasonings

Serving Suggestion

Gourmet summer bites such as mini crab cakes or caramelized onion flatbreads…OR LXV Sangria

Serve at 45°-55° F


VARIETALS 100% Sangiovese
APPELLATION Paso Robles, California
AGING 100% Barrel Fermented, neutral French oak.
pH/TA 3.15/0.76
RS .12%