2014 LXV Club Reserve Syrah

Kiler Canyon Vineyard

100% SYRAH

2016 Winter Wine Club Shipment

2014 Syrah

Price: $65


Winemaker's Notes

Timeless and mysterious, the Sphinx sits atop its perch, waiting for you to answer its riddle. Will you be able to solve it?

At first smell, the 2014 Reserve Syrah offers up resolved hints of petrichor and dark spices. Soon these are followed by layers of sandalwood, cedar, and dried tobacco. Just as the Sphinx was tied to the road it guarded, so too do the aromas of this Syrah harken back to the vineyard from which it was born.

As the wine begins to open on your palate, a dense core of dried cherries and fresh plums emerge. With more air, this Syrah becomes darker and richer, displaying lingering hints of espresso, blackberry, and Madagascar vanilla beans.

The fresh acidity of this wine makes it light on its feet and able to dance on air... all while its notable strength and heft make it a glass that will be truly hard to forget!

Serving Suggestion

Delicate and elegant, the 2014 Reserve Syrah opens on a deep and harmonious notes of olallieberries, black currants and pepper, backed by a brush of tobacco. On the palate the wine progresses smoothly with flavors of damson plum, blackberry, baked strawberry followed by tobacco, clove, and leathery undertones. Medium-heavy with silky smooth tannins, the wine finishes with ripe black fruits and floral notes.

Serve at 55 F


APPELLATION Willow Creek, Paso Robles, California
50% New French Oak