2014 LXV Club Reserve Cabernet Franc-Merlot

(Right Bank Cheval Blanc style wine)


2017 Spring Wine Club Shipment

2014 Cabernet Franc-Merlot

Price: $65


Winemaker's Notes


A weathered, grizzled Sherpa climbing to the highest peaks solely to see a rare flower bloom.

A journey, an enigma, a dichotomy… the 2014 LXV CF/ME proves that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Both components of this wine lend it a unique set of attributes. The Merlot offers perfumed notes of violets and rose hips with the finesse and intricacy of a sand mandala. The Cabernet Franc presents much more overt notes of plums and white pepper. On the palate, hints of dried cherries, coriander, and sage start to emerge. From there the rigid structure and strength of the Cabernet Franc are truly on display as the wine’s refined tannin provides a mouthwatering, full finish filled with relaxing notes of vanilla and smoke.

Spice Pairing

Sacred Ambrosia: Coco Powder, Herbs de Provence, Black Truffle Salt, Vanilla

This is the Kunal's favorite all time wine!!

Serving Suggestion

Macaroni, crab and cheese! Yum!

Serve at 59°-64° F


VARIETALS 50% Cabernet Franc - 50% Merlot
APPELLATION Paso Robles, California
50% New French Oak