2013 Lover's Spell


2013 LXV Lover's Spell

Gold medal at the 2016 Sunset International Wine Competition

Gold medal at the 2016 San Francisco Wine Competition

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Recipes for pairing with the wine

Lover's Spell is inspired by Aindrajala, the KamaSutra Art of Magic. The label features a International Champion of Magic, David Minkin. David Minkin's "Evening of Enchantment" is more than a show. It's an experience.

Winemaker's Notes

Lover's Spell invites you in with the succulent aromas of fresh figs and Damson plums. Subtle hints of cigar box, cedar wood, and violet are revealed in layers rewarding continued study of the wine's nose. On the palate, those dark fruits continue to develop into flavors of black cherry and cassis. This pleasing entry, generous with fruit, continues broaden in the mouth, revealing a rich, coating mouthfeel. Ample structure drives each sip to its finish, with pleasant, refined tannins lingering long after the wine is gone.

Spice Pairing

LXV Umami Blend - Black Truffle Salt, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Ginger, All Spice


Roasted Bone Marrow with Black Truffle Salt

Other Food Pairings for LXV 2013 Lover's Spell

Foods that call for a wine with heartiness and structure, but not astringency - Braised meats (beef or venison), roasted meats, briskets, mushroom sauce.

Aphrodisiac Pairings: Smokey Blue Cheese, Bone Marrow, Pan Forte

Other Food Pairings for the Umami Spice Blend

Sprinkle a little on any course: With bread and butter, on some fresh steamed vegetables, with popcorn, on mushroom ravioli. You could even sneak it into your creme brulee for a little sultry depth.


VARIETALS 44% Cabernet Sauvignon, 56% Syrah
APPELLATION Paso Robles, California
AGING All barrel aged, with combination of new, neutral, and once-used French oak.
ALCOHOL 15.06%